Lapasta: modified atmosphere products

Ravioli al plin with Piedmontese meat

Vegetable ravioli al plin

Ravioli al plin with soft ricotta and spinach

Ravioli al plin with fondue

Ravioli al plin with fondue and truffle

Ravioli San Lorenzo (meat and vegetables)

Ravioli with blue cheese and walnuts

Fresh borage ravioli

Ravioli with mozzarella and fresh tomatoes

Ravioli with peppers and anchovies

Ravioli with basil and pine nuts

Ravioli with mushrooms

Ravioli with mountain cheese and walnuts

Ravioli with ricotta and spinach

Ravioli with potatoes and leeks

Ravioli with asparagus

Mezzelune with soft ricotta and spinach

Tortellini with prosciutto

Egg tagliolini

Egg tagliatelle

Egg pappardelle

Potato gnocchi

Flaky pastry for cooking

Primi di Langa Pasta d'Autore

The details for each product and their relative technical sheets are available upon request.

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