Lapasta: preserving methods

Our pasta is frozen in a continuous cycle; cryogenic chilling through the use of a liquid nitrogen cooling tunnel allows core temperatures of -18 C° to be reached in only a few minutes.

The freezing process is based on the IQF method (Individually quick frozen) that allows each piece to be frozen individually, ensuring a long period of preservation (18 months). The organoleptic qualities of the pasta remain intact, as well as the taste and the aroma; in addition, the continuous processing cycle takes place in the same area as the final storage, with no external exposure nor handling, so as to avoid hygienic contamination.

LAPASTA in a protected atmosphere is preserved through a slight pasteurization, which preserves its taste and integrity for 21 days. We prefer not to sterilize our products and would rather forego longer preservation times, for the sake of quality, appearance and flavour

Lapasta: i primi della tradizione italiana Lapasta: i primi della tradizione italiana

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